The Olympic Baby’s Journey of Drawing

Li Jiahao, was born in 2008, when the Beijing Summer Olympics was held. His nickname is “Olympic Baby”. When he was little, we tried to help him find his passion and interests. Although he did not like violin and go, we still respected his choice.

When he was three years old, he surprised us by drawing a picture “The angry bird”. We could not believe that he could draw such a complex picture. He told us that he loved drawing and got encouraged by his dad. That’s why Haohao began his journey of drawing.
Since he began drawing, he can draw pictures while being focused. In addition, his endurance and observation skills improved.

All the artistic creations need the accumulation of materials and inspiration. So we often bring Haohao during our travels so that he could observe and experience many things. After coming back home, he normally talks about his feelings with us and then creates a work based on his unique memory. That’s why his work is so vivid.

Every child has a pristine heart and a pair of bright eyes to find beauty. We hope Haohao can be a happy little artist and enjoy drawing for his lifetime.
Last, we are so relieved to get him such an excellent teacher Li Rui, who has been helping him tremendously during his growth. Thank you, Teacher Li Rui!
Let’s enjoy his several works.