Education Begins from Respecting Children’s Interests

As a mom, from the moment my son came to this world, I wondered what kind of interests he would have. As expected, when he was 2 years old, he enjoyed doodling a lot anywhere at home.

At first, I did not have a high expectation on him but only hoped he could feel the beauty of this world. He became more passionate for drawing after studying in kindergarten. On one Mother’s Day, I was so happy to get his drawing The Most Beautiful. I almost cried was after seeing his growth!

During his trip to Tibet, he observed many Buddha statues carefully and was able to draw them out based on his memory. Further, what I found out was that he had the potential to draw the stories from the fables to express some deep philosophies.

We chose BRFLS for him two years ago because we always believed it had some professional art teachers who could help him improve his drawing skills. Now we are proud to say that our decision was right and my son loves the art classes and has improved drawing tremendously.

Dearest son, we will always respect your choice, support you and love you! Thanks a lot, BRFLS!