A Beautiful Art Dream at BRFLS

My daughter Yu Jieting is in grade two at BRFLS.

Our family of four lived in the beautiful city of Xia Men when she was little. Xia Men is famous for its nickname, the city of art and Gu Lang Yu. One famous island in Xia Men is called the Island of Music. Growing up there, my daughter loved the ballad of southern Fujian province. She liked the piano melody that played through the air of Gu Lang Yu and she loved the dance in the city.

We saw that she loved the music, but worried about the local education. So we decided to move to Beijing so that she and her brother could receive a better and international education.

At BRFLS, she not only studies from textbooks, she also studies singing and playing the piano. She loves music. She can’t wait to share with us the new songs she just learned and is eager to perform on the piano for us. We love that she is happy all the time.

She won the “2016-2017 Star of the Art Specialty” award and the gold award in the 11thInternational Children Singing contest. We will continue to love her and care for her so she can grow in a healthy, safe, positive, and comfortable environment.