The Boat of Music Sailing in the River of BRFLS

My son Li Shunhan is a Grade 1, Class 2 student at BRFLS.

He began to love music when he was very little. He always likes to dance and becomes very excited whenever he is listening to music. He selected(chose?) the piano class for his semester at BRFLS and promised to us that he would not give up learning it.. We respected his interest and agreed to let him join in Teacher Song Xiao’s Piano Club. I was so delighted to see that he had enjoyed this lesson and sometimes he even showed us how to perform on the piano.

At the end of the first semester, Teacher Song Xiao held a mini concert. My son also played a simple but beautiful popular children’s song. I was so touched at that moment because I can sense his great passion for music. After that, my son was so excited to receive the gift and certificate from Teacher Song.

Now Shunhan is will be in 2nd grade and he will continue learning piano with Teacher Song. We want to express our great appreciation to his teacher for her carefulness and love, and also wish my dearest son can become more confident and happier day by day by playing this magical instrument.