From Timidity, Aspiration to the Joy of Harvest

The reason why I wanted my son to start learning drawing was very simple. I hoped he could have a broader view because other classes like Chinese and math need some basic drawings.

Therefore, in the first semester of his second grade, he signed up for teacher Gu Xu’s watercolor interest class and finished his first work: a cow standing on green grass under blue skies. The cow in the picture looks timid, shy, hesitant and curious.

From that day on, he never missed any one of the 25 drawing classes that semester. I picked him up after every class and communicated with teacher Gu Xu about his strengths and weaknesses. She told me that my son was patient and had a good understanding.

Under the teacher’s encouragement, he became more confident and gradually won some prizes at school. All the family members were happy for him.

After knowing how to differentiate and use various colors, as well as getting to know the importance of layout in drawing, he began learning sketch. He was praised by teacher (or Teacher)(Teacher) Gu Xu for understanding complicated art concepts such as perspective projection and hue quite quickly.

Gradually, more teachers began to share his works and use them to decorate classrooms, dorms and corridors. As a parent, I feel happy from my heart and sincerely thankful for the contribution from BRFLS leaders and teachers.