Love is Bows and Arrows-A Letter From the Parent of Xing Zishu and Xing Ziyu

My two children Xing Zishu and Xing Ziyu joined BRFLS fifty days ago. I can’t help praising the education of BRFLS.

At the end of February, we visited BRFLS on the School Open Day. We planned to visit other schools before making the final decision. However, my children begged me to let them study at BRFLS once we came back home. That was the first time I saw them so excited about studying.

Her homeroom teacher, Zhao Xiaoyu, is a very nice teacher with love. She is young and beautiful. She studied preschool education in the UK and has very solid professional knowledge. All the students love her a lot.

She is around the students all day, having classes, eating and sleeping. That’s why she and my children have a very strong connection to each other. On the other hand, she is also very strict about the school discipline and the children’s daily routine.

Another homeroom teacher of grade 1, class 9, Fiona, is a serious, thoughtful and responsible teacher. She has many ways to make them quiet, drink more water and eat more food. Whenever I see my children with these lovely teachers chatting and playing, I feel very relieved.

Every night is the happy time for parents to communicate with each other on Wechat. They post the pictures of their children and exchange knowledge about parenting. My children told me these two homeroom teachers were two bright suns in their eyes. I also shared this sentence with other parents on Wechat.

Grade 1, class 9 is a harmonious family, children are being loved by others and they can also pass the love to other people around them. I think this is the flow of love, and I am so happy that my children can grow in such a wonderful environment with affection and fraternal love.

Just as what this famous poem said, “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”. Family and school are the powerful bows. These lovely children are the arrows that will be flying in the air very soon. Thanks you, dear teachers and BRFLS for giving my children a hopeful future with your selfless love.