Enjoying Fun with Words——Fourth Grade Spelling Bee Competition

On the afternoon of December 12nd, a thrilling Spelling Bee competition was held for the fourth grade, organized by the entire BRFLS English faculty. Although it was quite different from a big singing or dancing performance, it was still very enticing.

18 contestants were carefully selected from each class as the top spellers. After rounds of questions, the competition became more and more difficult and the audience was sitting on the edge of their seats.

It was a fierce competition, the judges ran out of their prepared words, so they could only select words that were far too difficult for the average fourth grader l.  Even then, our students preformed spectacularly!

It was the first time that the whole grade competed together in the history of BRFLS. Everyone there was impressed by these student’s rich vocabulary, improvisational ability and flawless pronunciation.

Let’s looking forward to the next Spelling Bee competition!