BRFLS Students Discover Ancient Chinese Culture in Han Feng Geng Du Yuan

On May 25th, the first and second grade of BRFLS went to Han Feng Geng Du Yuan in Shun Yi District to explore and discover the thousands of years of Chinese culture.

After they arrived at the destination on the morning of 25th, the tour guides took students to different gardens to feel and experience the ancient life and cultural atmosphere in Han Dynasty.

They visited different rooms to learn the names of many interesting plants and vegetables, pet cute animals and learn how to use various ancient Chinese agricultural instruments such as stone roller, stone miller and loom. Students also got to use tree leaves to print the color on white cloth and many more cool things.

The highlight of this trip was to learn some ancient Chinese literature. Students put on Han Chinese clothing. Then they learned the ancient etiquette and read Di Zi Gui together.

The purpose of this trip was to educate children not to forget traditional Chinese culture because it is the treasure based on the long history of Chinese civilization. Obviously BRFLS students learned a lot from this trip.