Arts Festival |When Calligraphy Meets Drawing, It Will Create a Beautiful Fairytale

On December 9th and 10th, the 21st Changping Arts Festival was held at Nan Kou Middle School and Qian Feng Middle School. Four BRFLS art teachers brought students to participate into the competitions of hard-tipped calligraphy (using pen), soft-tipped calligraphy (using brushes), drawing, and regular art.


The cold weather could not dampen students’ passion at all. At 7:30, students confidently entered the exam rooms, and calmly prepared the materials for their creations.

All the BRFLS art teachers keep a clarity and beauty close to their hearts their hearts. They cultivate students’ perception towards the beauty of life. We were all truly proud of students’ excellent performance during the exam and sincerely wish they can all earn top marks.