Thanks for Teachers’ Selfless Love—A Letter From Lv Ziyan’s Parents

In this letter, I want to give special thanks to the staff of RFLS for helping my 2nd grade daughter LvZiyan to become a happy member of the RFLS family. The RFLS teachers’ devotion should never go unnoticed.

Knowing our daughter’s shyness, we had to be really careful with choosing the right primary school for her. At last, we decided that RFLS was the best decision we could make and to this day, we are very satisfied with the choice that we have made for our daughter.

In December, all the parents and the students were invited to a parent-teacher assembly at the Lafitte Castle Resort. When the time of the presentation came,I was very surprised to see my daughter at the front as the program presenter. The quiet, shy girl that we used to know was nowhere to be found! Looking at her standing in the middle of the stage gave me a powerful feeling of joy!

I feel grateful for Ms. Li, Ziyan’s homeroom teacher, for helping my daughter. She found out that Ziyan was a reserved girl once she saw her.Instead of pushing Ziyan to change, Ms.Li simply gave her manageable tasks such as being the group leader in the classroom to help her become more confident. Next thing I know, I found that Ziyan was not as nervous as before.
Moreover, Ziyan was voted to be the “school star” on September. As her mom, I feel so proud of her!

One of the strong aspects of having my daughter attend RFLS is the variety of experiences that she can earn as a student. The school offers a wide selection of interest classes which the students can choose to participate. Ziyan chose to be part of the dance class and the zither class to fulfill her love towards music. As a parent, it is very satisfying to know that my daughter is in an environment where she can have high-quality academic and extra-curricular experience.
The teachers of RFLS are like the guiding lamp that helps students to achieve success. I feel really thankful for Ms. Li and the other teachers’ commitment towards the students. I truly believe that RFLS will continue to improve as a school.