BRS Officially Received the Full 6-year WASC Accreditation

Beijing Royal School is pleased to announce that we have received the full 6-year Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation from the Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS) in February, 2021.

As a world-renowned accrediting association, the ACS WASC is one of the six official academic bodies responsible for the accreditation of universities and schools globally. ACS WASC accreditation means that a school is a trustworthy institution with high standards of educational quality and academic integrity for student learning, and this provides quality assurance for parents. Acquiring and maintaining accreditation affirms that a school fosters a continuous improvement in school programs and operations which are specifically tailored to support students’ academic and personal development. In the words of BRS Principal Wang Guangfa, “What BRS values more is how the school can actually improve its performance through the accreditation process.”

Accreditation has impacted and benefited BRS in the following ways:

· BRS has extensively evaluated and conformed to expectations of performance and quality as per WASC guidelines and principles.

· BRS practices continual self-evaluation and monitoring of its programs and operations which impact student learning and periodic external review.

· All stakeholders and the BRS community can be assured that the educational quality of programs and services offered by the institution are current and reflect high standards of quality and integrity.

·Students can trust the integrity of the school’s programs and transcripts which facilitate accurate and equal transfer of credits to other English-speaking schools, which is critical for college/university acceptance worldwide.

BRS Senior High endorses WASC’s strict international school criterion, has maintained these high education standards and has been recognized by WASC over the past 5 years for ongoing improvements in curriculum, safety, environment and student learning. As an international school founded 25 years ago, BRS has always been committed to the school’s founding mission, which is to inculcate moral values, to focus on student-centered education, to fuse Chinese and western approaches and to inspire students to succeed. In 2020, BRS successfully completed the final steps of its self-study and looked forward to receiving full accreditation in 2021. Below is the timeline for the key events that BRS achieved for WASC Accreditation:

· 2016 – BRS applied for and hosted a WASC initial Visiting Committee and officially became an ACS WASC candidate School.

· 2017 – BRS leaders and staff received WASC principles and standards training from internal and external experts, taking major steps towards implementing improvements to school programs based on WASC’s in-depth recommendations.

·2018 – BRS continued to make progress in the targeted areas of curriculum, organization, student support and professional growth. In addition, BRS formed, implemented and trained our WASC Self-Study Focus Groups.

· 2019 – BRS conducted its first, full WASC criteria-based self-study, designed to comprehensively assess the quality and effectiveness of the school’s education programs. Areas of strength and areas for growth and further development, based on international standards, were identified by leadership and focus groups.

· 2020 – BRS finished its self-study and submitted the final report to WASC. Due to the pandemic, BRS’s official on-site visit scheduled for March was postponed to December. In December, BRS successfully completed a fully online virtual visit with the WASC Visiting Committee.

· 2021 – BRS officially received ACS WASC accreditation.