BRS’s Distance Teaching Methodology Supporting Students during Coronavirus eLearning

On February 17th, Beijing Royal School began distance teaching, and our teachers and students adapted very well, with no significant glitches hindering the lessons.

Our teachers continue to make full use of the online platform. One way is by recording the teachers’ courseware and teaching presentation, allowing students to review the entire lesson afterwards on-demand. Moreover, this online teaching platform fosters better student self-study habits, supporting pre-class preview and post-class review and reflection. From the teachers’ perspective, this online platform offers the opportunity to create and implement alternative educational and class management methods, integrating the best of both online and offline education into their teaching methodology.

Beijing Royal School, as it turns out, can conduct distance teaching well and with so little effort due to two aspects: 1) BRS has been streamlining and perfecting mobile teaching methodology over the last few years, accumulating a wealth of related courseware and online teaching experience, and how to best coordinate relevant teaching materials; and 2) how to implement, establish and maintain effective online visual and audio signals simultaneously. This is possible due to BRS’s equipment management and a top-notch IT support team who can manage any technical operational problems during the online teaching process: They rise to fix any challenge with professionalism and a can-do attitude, and are ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Adding further to the bank of knowledge and experience in distance teaching, BRS teachers currently also began targeting instructional topics aimed at psychological guidance, physical exercise, and college guidance, helping to ensure that students adapt to this special situation effectively. Our world of education is evolving and BRS has been a contributing partner to this evolution of education right down the line.