Principal Wang Guangfa Addresses BRS Community through Online Classroom

On the evening of February 16, Principal Wang Guangfa reported to the teachers and students of BRS through an online classroom. He made arrangements for our school’s epidemic prevention, virus control, and teaching plans for the new semester.

Principal Wang Guangfa hopes that we can unite during this special period of epidemic prevention and virus control. He believes that the ability of an education system to continue education while suspending classes is both a test of the current education industry and an evaluation of future education. He also hopes that we can unify our efforts to raise prevention awareness and protect the health of teachers and students. He is strongly determined to ensure campus safety with stringent measures. In the meantime, we should also utilize the school’s advantages in mobile and satellite teaching to ensure the normal operation of teaching and management during the epidemic. We should also contribute responsibly to the epidemic prevention and virus control so that the epidemic can be defeated.