In the Brightest Age to Be a First Grader at BRFLS

During this exact one year, you are growing taller,

And your feet are becoming bigger.

Because of you, we are not afraid of being alone,

Watching you becoming bigger is the happiest time in my life.



One year ago, you cried in your bed to protest against going to school;

Now, you run into campus every morning to start your study every day.

One year ago, you were shy to speak in front of your classmates;

Now, you can sing, jump and dance happily and are not afraid of anyone.


One year ago, you are very adorable, but a bit chubby and could not run fast.

Now, you are a shining sports star in school!


Watching you becoming bigger,

We feel happy but also with a sense of loss sometimes,

We know you will fly far away from home like an eagle someday.

Finally, dear child, we sincerely hope you can have your happiest time at BRFLS.