Parent Letters | Learn the History of Five Thousand Years, Be a Global Citizen

It is my honor to watch the 2018 BRFLS Poetry Performance on Children’s Day this year. Three hours’ performance covered five thousand years of Chinese history. In this modern world, sometimes I worry that our deep culture and civilization may get lost gradually, but today I deeply felt the cultural inheritance by BRFLS.

We want our children to be the global citizens in the future. But to realize this goal, children also need the solid cultural accumulation and foundation, which is the best gift from our motherland to every child who will go abroad in the future. The Chinese culture was not build in one day, because it is a gradual process that requires the collaboration between school and parents.

I sincerely want to thank our BRFLS teachers for providing such a wonderful platform for our children to study and grow, and I also wish our children can feel the beauty of our ancient Chinese civilization and meet the best of them during their growth!