【Parents’Letters】 We Are Proud of Your Growth

Time is fleeting!  Sun Weihui has changed from a first grader to a third grader! When there were still a few days left for this summer vacation, he could not wait anymore to go to school simply because he knew he could find teachers and students he liked.

I feel very moved by BRFLS because the school principal is like a caring mother. She even relocated herself to the community nearby in order to manage this school well. She always likes to greet parents and teachers on their way to school.

I feel very relieved by BRFLS because their teachers are very responsible. For these past two years, they have been helping my child a lot by tutoring him individually whenever he came back from shooting advertisements. Other parents whose children are not from BRFLS were very jealous of my son.

I feel very content with BRFLS because the life teachers love our children. They take meticulous care of students’ lives from comprehensive perspectives.

Last, BRFLS makes me feel accepted and listened to because the school leaders hear what our parents think and say. They always consider our suggestions and give corresponding solutions to continuously perfect their work.

All of us parents sincerely hope to see the school’s fabulous development continue in the future.