Draw Pictures in His Heart

My son Li Difei is a first grade student at BRFLS. He loves to draw. He is lively and smart, but sometimes he is a mischievous boy.

He started doodling on the walls at home when he was one. His father gave him a lot of support. We hope that you enjoy the picture below:

Leo is different from other children. He does not like to draw blue skies, white clouds, green trees, flowers, or animals. He just likes to draw his heroes. For example, when he was three he drew many different monkey kings because he loved the stories about the Monkey King in “Journey of the West.” When he was five, he started his own storybook. Enjoy his story…

As he got older, he had more idols that were not only Chinese; some of these heroes include the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Ultraman, etc. The main characters in his pictures are always his heroes.

Leo told us he wants to be an editor when he grows up. What we wanted to say to him was, “Honey, we all know you love your heroes, so we hope you can spread your wings and fly as high as you can like an eagle at BRFLS.”