Love at BRFLS Makes it a Sweet Home for My Son

My son Zhang Chenyu is  a 1st grade student at BRLFS. He has been at BRLFS for almost a year and has made a lot of changes.  He progressed thanks to a good study environment and his homeroom teacher Lv.

She is an elegant and beautiful female teacher, and she has strong classroom management skills. She always communicates with us about my son’s life and academics. She also sends us many pictures of him at school so that we can know how he is all the time. As a parent, I feel very safe and relieved.

After a year at BRFLS, he became more thoughtful, and prudent when making decisions. In addition, his focus towards his studies improved.

April 18th is the seventh birthday of my son, and he had a great birthday party on April 20th with four other classmates.

These children got many gifts from several teachers and their parents including the flowers, birthday cards and  kaleidoscopes. They were very happy!

This was the first time that children had a birthday party together at school.This means a lot to me and my son. We felt so warm.

Studying at BRFLS is a great honor for my son, especially studying at grade 1, class 4. We want to say one sentence to these lovely teachers: “Dear teachers, many thanks for your hard work!”