A Mischievous Student Who Loves Music- Zhang Dinghao

My son Zhang Dinghao joined the school chorus for the 2017 New Year’s Eve Performance. I was touched by the power of the music when I looked at his face and saw he was consumed in the music.

Ding Ding has always been a rambunctious child. I worried that he would not be able to listen in class, so we put him in piano lessons to divert his energy. After two years of lessons, he is able to play several songs without any mistakes.

The piano is the king of all instruments because it has a wide range of tones. However, anyone who wants to play it well must overcome many obstacles. Encouragement from teachers and parents is greatly needed.

When he was six years old, he loved the song ‘City of the Sky’ by JouHisaishi. He really wanted to learn this song. After a lot of practice and help from me, he was able to play the song. I was so happy for him.

He takes playing the piano seriously, and becomes more interested in playing everyday. Just recently he won second place at a piano competition at the Art Festival of Changping District. We sincerely hope that Ding Ding continues to pursue playing the piano. As a parent, I also want to thank BRFLS for providing excellent music teachers and an adequate study environment.

From the first day he joined BRFLS, we noticed we was exceptional at playing the piano, drums, and singing. We hope that he keeps practicing, remains modest, and continues to learn. We hope that he will be successful.