A Letter From Yang Zimo’s Parents

I am a parent of BRFLS’ Grade 3 student. My kid has been studying and living in BRFLS for more than two years. When we chose the school at the beginning, we were thinking the kid might not like the traditional educational, and we want to find him a relatively free, more respected, and happy feeling school.

As time goes by, we feel more and more confirmed about our choice. I am sure it is the best learning environment for my kid. IN BRFLS, the strengths of the kid have been excavated,  enlarged sufficiently, and the teacher always kindly makes attention to kid’s short points, and always gives the right solutions to lead to the best achievement for the kid.

I remember at the beginning of school, I was very worried about everything for him at school, include food, study, life, health… It is very hard for us to leave a 7 years old boy alone at school, but I cannot pass this feeling to my kid. Also, I have to pretend to be very relieved in front of him.

Until one day, my kid suddenly asked me a question: “Mom, can I call our teacher Miss PEI ‘Mum’?” I was very surprised and asked him why, he replied: “because Miss Pei talks like a friend, looks after me like a parent, helps us to correct our mistakes like a teacher, and when I feel lonely or homesick, she will always appear beside me, care about me, and comfort me until I am happy. I think she is like a mother!”

How warm it was! I cannot believe that my seven years old boy said that. I was moved with tears, the kid in the school can also feel the parental care and love! It was in just two months time for my kid, I can image the teachers must pay lots of attention and passion to them. Later I realized that the kids in the class  call Miss Pei ‘Mum Pei’, and they called the head teacher ‘Mum Wang’. This relieved us.

Except the care of the kid’s life, teachers also care about the development of kids’ personalities. Once I talked about the personal emotional intelligence training for kids with the head teacher, she said she also needs our support for the efficient training. I think this topic in other educational systems may not take account for the proportion of the teacher’s work, the teacher may not be able to pay attention to each child’s growth trajectory and the direction of personality, but Miss Wang did it.

The teachers in BRFLS not only pay attention to students’ personality training, but also do a lot of innovation in teaching methods. Through the communication with head teacher Wang Guolan, I understand that teaching style is not only the traditional mode, but also the teacher introduces a new teaching mode in the classroom in order to improve the kids’ interest in learning and to strengthen the learning effect. For example: the teacher will ask a question to the whole class, so the kids can discuss in groups, there would be different results from different groups, then they will discuss about the difference among them, in order to get a final result. Through the process of thinking、explaining and discussing, the kids definitely enhance their ability to analyze and solve problems, also cultivate their habit of thinking and improve their language expression ability.

The school also attaches great importance to home-school cooperation and communication between teachers and kids and parents. Also the school always takes the opinions and suggestions from parents and kids. We can see BRFLS is working very hard to try to meet the reasonable needs of kids and their parents.

In the past two years, we have more and more understanding of BRFLS. The teachers moved me for their attention to detail of the life of kids, and also the passion on kids’ personality training. I feel relieved about the concerns from the teacher. And I will not worry anymore about kids’ cultivation of interest in learning.

When we walk into the campus to pick up the kids every Friday, we want to say thank you for those such completed hardware facilities, which give kids a healthy and comfortable learning environment; and we want to say thank you to BRFLS for cultivating excellent teachers for kids to create a good learning atmosphere; also we want to say thank you again for the respect and attention given to each kid. There are many thanks to BRFLS, and I think we have found the answer about what the standards are for an excellent school. Finally, all the best to BRFLS!