2020 Awards Ceremony for BRS’s Role Model Teachers


In commemoration of this year’s Teachers’ Day, and as part of the BRS 25th Anniversary festivities, the 2020 Awards Ceremony for BRS’s Role Model Teachers, themed “BRS Dreams Sail High on The Sea of Education”, was held in the BRS Auditorium on September 30.


Principal Wang Guangfa presented the Model Teacher Award to sixteen enthusiastic and dedicated teachers and the Outstanding Department Award to five departments selected from all divisions of our school. At BRS our team of professional teachers comes from all around the world, offering students teaching that is rich and diverse. Principal Wang Guangfa acknowledged and expressed his gratitude to all our teachers and staff, especially to those who made heartfelt efforts to implement best practices for online learning during the incredibly challenging period last semester, as well as maintaining a healthy and safe campus during such unconventional times. He encouraged all teachers to root their careers in BRS, and assured all that BRS will continue to further promote teachers’ professional development in the pursuit of our mission.



Representatives of the award-winning teachers and departments came to the stage to share their professional growth experiences while working at BRS. They shared experiences gained while quickly adapting to online teaching and successfully keeping students engaged and inspired during the unusual times created due to Covid-19 pandemic. Over the years, Principal Wang Guangfa has been compelling all teaching staff to transform their teaching methods, to use new concepts whenever challenges arise and to develop their information technology skills and know-how in order to improve the quality of online and distance teaching.


The event also featured on-stage talent shows presented by our students and their teachers, as well as video presentations of encouragement and gratitude from a BRS foreign teacher who is abroad, a parent representative, and students of BRS’s Satellite Teaching Program in Yan’an, Jing Gangshan and other areas in China .


Model Teacher Award recipients are:


Jin Congcong, Guan Lili, and Gao Shan from Beijing Royal Kindergarten;
Fang Jiying, Ling Jie, Lu Jiao, Ren Ziwei, and Yue Hui from BRFLS Primary School;
Guo Xuejiao, Gao Chao, Chi Shuang and David Mandell from BRFLS Junior High School;
Sun Yan, Pei Ruike, Fu Ying, and Amber Rinka from Beijing Royal School


Outstanding Department Award recipients are:

K4 Research Team of Beijing Royal Kindergarten;

Foreign Teacher Group of BRFLS Primary School;

English Department of BRFLS Junior High;

BRS Year Group of 2020;

Logistics Service Center of Beijing Royal Campus