Newsletter | 校园通讯第50期,欢迎锁定!

01 有序线上教学







It’s been two weeks since all primary and secondary grades in Beijing suspended in-school learning and switched to distance learning, following the Labor Day long weekend, required by the Beijing municipal education department due to the flare-ups of the epidemic.

A big thank you to all teachers for their hard work in preparing the students and facilitating students’ learning. We would also like to thank our understanding parents who took the time to participate in their child’s learning and actively cooperate with the school. The entire BRS community has shown tremendous resilience during this time of distance learning. The BRS community stands stronger together!




02 长住生管理





On May 18, Beijing Royal School held a working conference on “Paying attention to improving mental health and enriching cultural activities – Management of long-term boarders.” Mr. Cen Jianjun, the Chief Supervisor of Beijing Royal School, Mr. Heng Xiaojun, Principal of Beijing Royal School, Mr. Fang Yuanyuan, Vice-principal of Beijing Royal School and other school department leaders attended the meeting.

The meeting discussed how to help students with effective psychological counselling, improve the quality of students’ study and life in school during the epidemic prevention period and enhance students’ confidence in coping with difficulties through positive guidance.




03 网络安全知识学习






Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2022 “Capital Network Security Day” launched the “Listen to the Network Security youth police said” online series, popularizing network security knowledge, and the prevention awareness. The online series includes informative episodes on“Using network security hardware and software scientifically,” “Protecting citizens’ personal information”, and“Ethically using the internet.”

The police officer and the experts in network security encouraged people to use the Internet ethically, enhancing the sense of morality of the Internet and stopping the flow of harmful information on the Internet.




04 家长课堂第七期






Goethe said that we all have to learn something from our predecessors and peers. Experience is a very important part of the future development of students. An excellent experience sharing can allow students to gain valuable knowledge and inform them more when faced with decisions regarding their future.

On May 13th, for the seventh parent’s workshop, we invited Mr.Xu Zitong, Managing Director of the Investment Banking Committee of CITIC Construction Investment Securities and Secretary-General of the Parents Committee of BRS, to share his valuable experience with the parents and students.




The Quote of the week:


“Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness.”


—— R.M Nixon