Picking-strawberry activity in Beijing Royal Kindergarten

In 17th March, 2016, with the weather just getting warmer after the chilly cold winter, it was a carefree paradise in Beijing Royal Kindergarten, as the kids could not wait anymore to get on the school bus for some strawberry picking activity…

Teachers and kids just taking the bus to the destination, which together with the spring breeze and the children’s smiles moved everyone on the bus and brightened today’s trip. After arriving at the garden, the teachers collectively pose some questions to the kids related to the work and importance of the role of the farmer and food production.

This activity not only provided a great opportunity for the kids to get close to nature and for the kids to experience the joy of labor, but also allowed for us to cultivate in the kids’ many qualities like kindness, patience and the value of other’s labor. The Kids learnt a lot in this activity.