Students of International School and the Education They Desire

For those students who are bound for overseas higher education, how to select a best-fit school from numerous international schools in China is a common concern for many families.

In this post, we want to share the stories and experiences of studying and living at BRS of four BRS students, who are from two families. This will allow our prospective families to gain more insight into BRS. Because our students are walking testimonials to BRS’s student-centered approach to learning, families will enjoy the opportunity to share in our students’ real-life experiences at BRS from a student’s perspective.

A family from Canada, that has two brothers, returned to China. The elder brother, Yuan Xiaoman, returned in 2020 during the period of the covid-19 pandemic. He was frustrated with the strict restrictions and online learning mode during that period. After rounds of selections, the family finally chose BRS, a school with 26 years of history that features a comprehensive international curriculum system, and AP and OSSD programs, in particular, that allowed him to continue the program he followed in Canada. Yuan Xiaoman is currently a grade-12 student of BRS’s OSSD program and has developed versatile talents and organizational and leadership skills in many areas: serving as the leader of the school’s badminton team, and the deputy president of the school’s student union; becoming a member of the school’s debate club with a gift in eloquence; successfully organized a themed activity on medical waste as a leader of the sustainability club; falling in love with playing piano and guitar under the influence of his peers. Yuan Xiaoman has been accepted into the University of Toronto and will continue his studies in Canada this autumn. His younger brother Yuan Xiaoquan joined BRS one year later in 2021 following his brother’s footsteps and is now a grade-10 student in the AP program. He has shown strong interest and exceptional talent in computer programming.

Another family with an elder sister and younger brother chose to join BRS, regardless of the long distance of where they live in Beijing, for its comprehensive curriculum system and rich extra-curriculum offerings, as well as the dynamic campus environment. The sister Huang Yi, currently a grade-12 student of BRS’s AP program, transferred to BRS five years ago in 2017. She was an unassuming student who has been doing well in her studies but felt disheartened in the highly competitive environment in her previous school. However, she eventually unleashed her passion for learning at BRS, encouraged by her teachers to explore areas of interest outside the norm to further her personal development. She campaigned for the cadre of the student union, won awards at a national youth program for her in-depth insight into hot educational topics, and participated in and excelled at various campus activities. Huang Yi will matriculate into her dream school, New York University, this autumn. Her younger brother Huang He also joined BRS last year and now is a grade-7 student at BRS’s junior high division.

We are proud of Yuan Xiaoman and Huang Yi who have taken the plunge and been accepted by their dream universities and are looking forward to witnessing their successes along the way. We can’t wait to see Yuan Xiaoquan and Huang He’s amazing growth in both academic and personal aspects in their future life at BRS. Jiayou!