Commemoration of Confucius’s 2568th Birthday丨”Meet with Confucius” – keynote lecture of Junior High School of RFLS

On September 28th, 551 B. C., Confucius was born. Confucius, the politician, thinker, educator in the late Spring and Autumn period, is the founder of Confucian school.

Picture: All the students and teachers reading “Analects of Confucius”

On September 25th, 2017, to commemorate the 2568th birthday of Confucius, junior high school of RFLS held the “meet with Confucius” theme lecture in the International Conference Hall. Students in grade six, seven and eight attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, vice president of junior high school of RFLS Mrs. Zhao told the story of Confucius’s whole life and shared the life experiences of Confucius in different period :

The origin of the name: because Confucius’s middle of the skull had a subsidence and his mother had prayed at the Niqiu mountain. So named him “Qiu”. His father Shu Lianghe died at the age of three of Confucius, after that, Confucius’s family became quite poor.

Young Confucius: Confucius is extremely smart and studious. He had profound thought when he was twenty years old, and was praised as “learned and polite”. At the same time, little known is that Confucius inherited his father’s heroic. His height was more than 1.9 meters and very powerful in arm, far from the image of a weak scholar thought by some people.

Political experience: when Confucius was 51 years old, he was appointed the present mayor; one year later, promoted to Minister of Construction; and later promoted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Chief Executive. When he was fifty-six years old, he was promoted to prime minister, and foreign affairs. He worked very good and made the country strong, made the people happy, and the social order good. Meanwhile, Confucius forced Qi Country returned large amount land to Lu Country. Confucius’s outstanding ability made Qi country felt threatened, so set a despicable strategy to crowd out Confucius.

Far-reaching impact: Confucius has the far-reaching impact on future generations. He was called the “ancient saint” and one of the most well-read scholars at that time. He is respected as holy saint (saints among the saints), teacher as all the generation.

Movie watching

Movie synopsis

“Confucius” is a biography and history movie, directed by Hu Mei. The movie tells the story of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, princes fight against each. Confucius ran between the nations for ideal, fight against the whole stage lonely, hoping to change the world using his spirit and wisdom. In order to make the students know more about Confucius, the students watched the film “Confucius” .

Wonderful answer

How did Confucius summarize his whole life in his later years? What do you think of Confucius’ opinion on the relationship between learning and behavior? How did Confucius explain for filial piety, integrity, courtesy, kindness? In the face of a series of questions, all students answered actively. Subsequently, for each question and the students’ answers, Mrs. Zhao, the vice president

connected the philosophy of Confucius with the reality of campus life.

Confucius’s status in the campus

(Author: Jun Ma; Proofreader: Jing Feng; Translator: Yaling Deng)