BRS 3rd Student Club Carnival

On April 18, the BRS community enthusiastically participated in the 3rd Student Club Carnival, featuring 39 student-led clubs of different categories, showcasing this year’s event. From the academic fields of art, science and technology, to sports, literature and welfare, the Student Club Union aimed this extracurricular event at enriching BRS campus culture, strengthening ties among clubs and encouraging new members’ engagement in club activities.Undoubtedly the highlight of the carnival, on-stage talent shows including music, instrumentals, dancing, and drama were the biggest crowd pleasers. There were also displays of works of art, engaging games and activities, videos showcasing each clubs’ claims for fame, and many more engaging activities. Students in attendance also elected ‘Best Club’ for this year’s carnival, with Star Cluster Drama Club, Model UN Club, and First Aid Club sharing the honors.