Awards Ceremony for “Role Models for Teachers’ Morals and Ethics”

In commemoration of the 35th Teachers’ Day, the Awards Ceremony for “Role Models for Teachers’ Morals and Ethics” was held to a great success in the BRS Gymnasium on September 10.  Twelve veteran teachers were selected from all divisions of BRS to receive a model teacher award, a standard to which Principal Wang Guanfa helped propel all teaching staff through his encouragement. These twelve teachers have shaped students’ character and behaviors, in addition to engaging in international education models designed to enhance and maximize the knowledge gained by students. They are Guan Lili and Li Lixue from Beijing Royal Kindergarten; Feng Shuang, Guo Longyang and Yu Xiaoyan from Elementary School; He Jing and Zhang Shiwei from Junior High school; Xin Lirong, Huang Ting, Yao Yi, Zhang Ying and Timothy James O’Reilly from Senior High School. Dedicated teachers of many years at BRS, they have not only gained rich individual life experiences and outstanding teaching achievements, but, more importantly, have become role models of morals and ethical behavior for students and the entire BRS community.