BRS 2019-2020 School Year Matriculation Ceremony


Excitement was in the air on September 2 as the entire BRS community honored the tradition of uniting on the sports field to mark the beginning of a new school year! In the cool morning air under a gorgeous sunlit sky, the student team marched the Chinese national flag to the flagpole and, to the accompaniment of our national anthem, raised the flag aloft signaling the beginning of the ceremony.



Taking the stage first were student representatives of BRS’s various divisions, expressing their excitement about and resolutions for the exciting new academic school year. Teacher Amber Rinka followed them, sharing her story about moving to China and some past working experiences at BRS. She then challenged BRS teachers to embrace every opportunity and to push themselves to learn new things and meet new people.


BRS Teacher Amber Rinka speaks at the ceremony


Mr. Cen Jianjun speaks at the ceremony


The final speaker on stage was Mr. Cen Jianjun, the former Minister Counselor (education) for The Embassy of China in the United States and Director-General of the Research Institute of International Education South-South Cooperation. He warmly welcomed new members and returning members to the ceremony and to all the wonderful experiences that await us in the new school year. He encouraged staff and faculty to enthusiastically embrace the new school year and all the challenges that the start of a new school year brings, being prepared for and dedicated towards the school’s development into an acclaimed centennial school!