Newsletter | 校园通讯第30期,欢迎锁定!



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On the evening of March 4th, all students of Grade 12 simultaneously participated in and online and offline conference in anticipation of the graduation season. The goal of this is to better foster the growth goals of all grade-level students in senior high school and to further promote the efficient implementation of important work, including senior high school graduation.At the conference, representatives of teachers and students announced the graduation season activity arrangement, the Safe Study Abroad courses which will be online and many others.  Mr. Heng Xiaojun, the executive principal of BRS, emphasized study guidance requirements from different perspectives: the pitfalls of rushing one’s achievements and one’ college choice; the necessity of acknowledging and establishing a safe study-abroad mindset and reasonably balanced study time.  BRS principal Mr. Wang Guangfa encouraged students to cherish remaining learning time, to strengthen self-awareness of individual responsibilities, to remain alert and informed of the current international situation, to uphold the rule of law, to anticipate necessary preparations for stepping into the international arena and telling China’s story well, and to strive to embrace the integration of Chinese and Western cultures.  He also offered warm encouragement, direction and guidance to students during this critical stage of their study.


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On March 5th, all grades of BRS publicized and interpreted the “Disciplinary Rules of Primary and Secondary Education” issued by the Ministry of Education through class meeting. In this way, BRS actively promoted the implementation, popularized the content and ideological connotation of the education policy, and standardized students’ behavior. This brings students disciplinary education policy into the scope of campus management and better promotes our school to fully implement the Party’s education policy and the fundamental task of cultivating students by virtue. BRS strives to gradually implement, constantly deepen, and continued to improve the campus education management ability and the teaching level according to law.


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On the afternoon of March 3rd, new semester transfer students attended a seminar organized by the Student Affairs Office of BRS. Teachers from the Academic Affairs Office, the Guidance Counseling Office, the International Programs Office, the Office of Student Apartments Management Center, the Testing and Assessment Center and the Academic Committee all gathered in the Assembly Hall to explain campus policies and the resources available to new transfer students, from different professional perspectives, which are all aimed at providing transfer students with a better understanding of how to achieve anxiety-free, seamless integration into the BRS campus.