Newsletter | 校园通讯第29期,欢迎锁定!


(图| 毛小龙)
BRS International Choir (BRSIC) was formally established on March 10th, and the BRSIC’s basic functions, goals and visions, and management requirements were formally announced and defined. The choir consists of 28 members, representing different BRS departments, and they also held their first chorus class that day. The head of the choir, vocal music teacher, conductor, piano accompaniment and other important team members have been appointed. It is our belief that the cultural life of the staff, the cohesion of our team and our campus happiness index will be enhanced song by song. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Heng Xiaojun, the executive principal of BRS, and Ms. Yu Yao, the vice principal of BRS, both attended the event and delivered important speeches. It is believed that the establishment of BRSIC will highlight the continuing construction of BRS’s spiritual campus life.


Thanks to the careful preparation by BRS teachers, the Study Abroad Safety course has been officially launched online and will continue being available offline as well. The online video will allow students to learn theoretical knowledge, in addition to practical courses offline.

The Study Abroad Safety course is a school-based course providing grade 12 students with practical knowledge and life-safety skills.  Designed to cultivate safety awareness and planning and to develop coping ability for students planning to study abroad, it will enable students to adapt to studying abroad with more confidence and to reduce uncertainty and unforeseen problems: Forewarned is forearmed. The course helps students to understand the necessity of safety knowledge when living abroad from several aspects: social culture, laws and regulations, academic activities, general living scenarios, psychological and social approaches, national security and crisis response.  We hope that this series of courses will enable and empower students to avoid as well as to solve problems while studying abroad, in order to keep them safe and secure.


On the afternoon of March 13, the 1st Parents’ Workshop was launched online. Ms. Wang Jing, a teacher from the Psychological Counseling Office of BRS, shared with parents practical skills such as how to learn to listen, how to guide and accept children’s expression, and how to correctly encourage children to communicate and interact with their parents on the psychological characteristics of high school students at the present stage of adolescence. Ms. Wang Jing help parents understand the correct way of education by watching video cases, analyzing psychological knowledge, and practicing simulation situation.