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01 科学家进校园







图 | 詹敏


On November 22, Beijing Royal School hosted the 2nd lecture of 2021,“Big Hands Guiding Small Hands,”the Scientists Enter Campus Series of Activities on our campus and welcomed Professor Wu Ruihua as the guest speaker, a researcher from the Institute of Psychology, CAS. His presentation was themed‘The Mental Health of Students’ for all the BRS High School students on campus. Professor Wu combined some interesting stories from his life with theoretical knowledge of psychology to help student understand the abstract concept in his speech, and to encourage students to keep positive throughout the course of their studies.



02 学生组织联合会





图 | 毛小龙


On November 23,BRS High School held the joint meeting of student organizations 2022. At the meeting, the leaders of four student organization of BRS (the School Youth League committee, the Student Union, the Student Congress and the Student’s Association Union) summarized the work of this semester and shared their future planning. The teacher in charge of each student organization gave a brief overview of the collaboration that will be carried out between each student organization. Fang Yuanyuan, the vice principal of Beijing Royal School, put forward expectations for the work of each student organization in her concluding speech.



03 第七期家长课堂





On November 20th, the seventh Parents’ Workshop was launched online as scheduled with Dr. Yan Xiaofei, a teacher from the Psychological Counseling Office of BRS, sharing the theme of “Effective cultivation of children’s self-discipline and a growth mindset.” By addressing this topic, Dr. Yan Xiaofei sorted out several common psychological problems related to learning in the growth of students. She focused on analyzing some different parenting styles—anxious, controlling, authoritative and consulting, and provided guidance for parents on how to effectively cultivate students’ self-control and self-drive.




The Quote of the week:


To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of LIFE.


—— <The Secret Life of Walter Mitty>