Newsletter | 校园通讯第46期,欢迎锁定!

01 辩论赛







图 | 摄影社


On March 28 and 29, the second round of high school debate began again. During this round of debate, students continued to divide into two groups in English and Chinese, with questions such as “Should one be a generalist or a specialist” and “Does the implementation of a credit system cause more harm than good?” After the last round of competition, under the guidance and supervision of their teachers, our students have further developed their debate skills while articulating advanced concepts. As the next round of debates continues and the final contest takes place on April 12, let’s look forward to more from them!



02 足球嘉年华







图 | 毛岸彬


On March 31st, the football match started in our beautiful playground. During this football tournament, 14 teams were divided into seven groups for fierce elimination competition, the winning team will go onto the subsequent quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. Who will be the winner, runner-up and third runner-up, let’s wait and see.



03 全体教职工培训



图 | 毛小龙


On April 2nd, the BRS Staff Meeting was held as scheduled. During this meeting, Pathway and IBDP Training were conducted. Through these regular communication activities, teachers spoke freely and learned from each other. Teaching harvest, experience and innovative thinking have been further enhanced. After that, BRS Learning Plan Training also followed the last lecture and collective teaching, continuing to get in-depth and effective launch.




The Quote of The Week:


People die, but books never die. No man and no force can abolish memory.


—— 富兰克林·罗斯福