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Following the concept of happy work and healthy life, BRS’s academic staff held the autumn rope-skipping competition on Oct 28. It consisted of academic teaching staff teaming up by department to compete in a 3-minute long jump rope contest which transformed the demure and prudent teaching staff’s demeanour into playful, frolicsome playmates. Ultimately, the Academic Affairs Office, the Science Group and the Social Science Group captured the top three places in this contest.




Following nearly a month of competitions, eight student teams qualified for the autumn tug-of-war finals competition at BRS held the afternoon of October 26. Each team  was filled with the passion  to win and consumed with a fierce and fiery determination to capture 1st place.  Class 9 of Grade 10 grabbed the gold as the champions, with Class 8 of grade 10 nabbing 2nd place, and Class 3 of Grade 12 holding fast for 3rd place. So, for now, the tug-of-war competition has reached the end of its rope. There’s always 2021 to look forward to for more tugging.


上一周,王府高中积极开展媒介素养宣传教育,课堂上,师生们以班会的形式,通过观看“社交媒体困局”纪录片,解析媒介素养的概念、重要意义,共同探讨如何有效识别虚假信息,如何应对社交媒体上的种种困扰等方式,让学生们在学习与讨论中更好地适应媒介环境,提升媒介素养。Last week, our school actively addressed media literacy, publicity and education through organized class meetings.  They viewed the documentary titled “The Social Dilemma”, analyzed the concept and significance of media literacy, discussed how to effectively identify false information and how to deal with various troubles on social media.  This process will enable teachers and students to better adapt to the social media environment and to improve media literacy in their study and discussion.




The 6th Parents’ Workshop themed “High School Students’ Mental Health” was held online the morning of October 31 as scheduled.  Ms. Wang Jing from the Psychological Consultation Room shared in-depth mental health information with students and parents, addressing these core issues:  What is mental health, mental health problems of high school students, how to communicate with children, and parenting style and introspection.


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