BRS World Scholar’s Cup Team Shine in the Sydney Global Round and Qualify for the Tournament of Champions

Summer break for BRS World Scholar’s Cup students ended with victory in the Global Round in Sydney where they qualified for the Tournament of Champions which will be held at Yale University. During August 15-20, 2019 our BRS World Scholar’s Cup team members Marko Yong Ming Yang, Jitong Han and Xingzhi Ji participated in a series of academic challenges in an atmosphere that celebrated learning and global citizenship at the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round held in Sydney.

The awards received are as follows:

Marko Yong Ming Yang: Silver Medal in writing

Jitong Han: Da Vinci Gold Medal

Xingzhi Ji: Silver Medal in Social Studies, Debate, History, Literature, and Special Area

Their exceptional performance in the Sydney round has qualified them for Tournament of Champions at Yale University.

Yale International Relations Association at Yale University hosts the annual Tournament of Champions. It is scheduled to be held from November 8 -13, 2019. At the Tournament of Champions, BRS scholars will have the chance to interact and learn directly from Yale students and faculty. They will attend a panel on college life and on how to leverage the World Scholar’s Cup experience as a part of their admission portfolio. They’ll have the opportunity to meet Yale University professors and listen to keynote speeches. In addition, BRS scholars will have the opportunity to experience a special Thanksgiving meal and go on a local historic tour of Boston, Harvard University, and MIT.

The World Scholar’s Cup, in short, can be described as an ‘academic decalathon’ which improves skills such as critical thinking, research, writing, collaboration, and the overall academic abilities of the students. The curriculum is expertly designed to cover six major subject areas, including Art and Music, Science, History, Literature, and Social Studies as well as a “Special Area”.

BRS World Scholar’s Cup team’s first participation was at the Regional Round held in Beijing. They had competed with teams from twenty-five other international schools in Beijing. After their excellent performance, they were then invited to the Global Round in Sydney. The Tournament of Champions is the final and ultimate round for this year’s World Scholar’s Cup event. It is indeed a privilege and honor for our BRS World Scholars’ Cup team to be part of this global event by participating in all three rounds.

The BRS World Scholar’s team will be traveling to Yale University with their chaperon Voicu Mihnea Simandan, our High School Psychology teacher, on November 7. They will attend the Tournament of Champions at Yale. We wish them the best!

If you’re interested in joining the BRS World Scholars Cup, contact our coach Upashna at