BRS Wang Kexin Brought Home the Championship of 2019 Spartan Super

BRS is proud to announce that our student Wang Kexin competed in the 2019 Spartan Super Beijing event held May 25 and won the championship for the 14-17 age group. The May 25 event sported 27 obstacles and 12 km of rugged terrain, and it attracted more than 8,000 participants for the Beijing round.

To prepare Wang Kexin for the competition, BRS P.E. teacher Marco Bonilia tailored a professional and comprehensive training program that included physical fitness, strength, and endurance. Over an 8-month period, she followed a standardized workout of 5 hours per week of training, a tailored diet, and control and evaluation throughout, with teacher Bonilia recording Cooper test results of Wang Kexin’s distance within a 12-minute timeframe, and collecting the VO2MAX (the maximum amount of oxygen an athlete can utilize during a specified time period of intense exercise). Training sessions were categorized according to the respective time and speed and then expressed as a percentage of heart rates and VO2MAX, in order to form the appropriate training distribution. The Spartan Super event is a rigid test of athleticism and true grit, and Wang Kexin passed that test with flying colors. Congratulations to Wang Kexin for bringing home the championship!