PYP Grade 3 Visits National Art Museum of China|PYP三年级中国美术馆之行

Classes 3.1 and 3.2 spent our Tuesday at the National Art Museum of China. We explored the images communicated ideas and had the opportunity to use the knowledge from our current unit: How We Express Ourselves.


Our central idea for this unit is: Images may communicate ideas and information. In our previous exploration of our unit, we had learned a lot about different types of images as well as their various elements of design. We know that we can know the artists’ ideas when we see their images.


The purpose of our field trip was to build upon our prior knowledge by exploring the images communicate ideas and information and putting into practice our understanding of these three lines of inquiry:

– The use of static and moving images in media

– How design elements of images link to communication

– How we interpret and respond to images





At the National Art Museum of China, we began by understanding about types of images and elements of art. First we were introduced to Monthly Exhibition of images in national Art Museum of China. Next the students were divided into groups and taken on a tour of visiting “Collection Activation” Series Exhibition–Unique Charm of Sketches. This exhibition displayed 141 pieces of artwork of the collection of National Art Museum of China. The students needed to understand the artists’ ideas that they wanted to communicate through their artworks. During this whole time the students had a worksheets that they needed to complete.



Our students and teachers really appreciated the opportunity to experience seeing an artwork exhibition. We were able to make significant connections from our classroom learning to the outside world. In addition, visiting an artwork exhibition in the real world will help prepare our students for their Summative Assessment task.